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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 08:06

Power of Attorney


    Creating a Power of Attorney is very simple and has plenty of benefits and advantages. This legal document allows you to give authorization to an individual, known as an agent (or attorney-in-fact), to mange your property and finances.  The agent can take care of everyday tasks on your behalf while you are away or unable to do so yourself.  It can last for a limited time and then expire or even a lifetime if you prefer.  If “durable,” this legal document allows the appointed individual to handle your property and finances if you were to ever become incapacitated or incompetent. 

Published in Estate Planning
Thursday, 01 August 2013 08:09


    How are conservatorships created and why are they beneficial? A court has the authority to appoint an individual or an organization as a "conservator" to manage a person, a person's estate or sometimes both. This appointment occurs when the person is unable to care for themself or manage their own financial affairs. The cared for person is known as the "conservatee." Generally, the conservatee is seriously incapacitated. He or she may be in a coma or suffering from the effects of a tragic accident or more typically, suffering with a serious illness such as Alzheimer's or simply age-related

Published in Estate Planning
Thursday, 04 April 2013 07:37

Non Probate Assets

In your estate plan you designate someone to manage and distribute your assets upon your death or incapacity.  Your assets include all real property (i.e. home and land) and personal property, bank accounts, cars, etc...  If you die intestate and do not have a will or trust your assets, and their distribution, will be determined by the courts.  During the probate proceedings, a judge will appoint someone to handle your assets and your assets will be distributed, under

Published in Estate Planning
Monday, 07 January 2013 10:02

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is a process which gives you control over who will inherit your assets after your death. Typically it includes a trust, a power of attorney, an advance directive, and a will–although everybody’s needs are different. It includes a legal document known as a will. There is much to be considered with an estate plan. For instance: Who will make the decisions for your healthcare and finances if you are rendered unable to care for yourself?

Published in Estate Planning


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